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I am very excited (and scared) to announce that the first novella in my science fiction series will be available on Amazon on March 20th, 2021!

For the last ten years, civil war has ravaged humanity. Earth tried and failed to maintain control over the handful of colonies scattered across the galaxy. On Armistice Day,  an uneasy peace is declared and borders are drawn. 

The Wayfaring Stranger, already crewed with the mavericks, the unorthodox, and general pains-in-the-ass no one else wanted, is tasked with rescuing captured and missing soldiers in enemy territory. Their guide is an enemy soldier, captured days before the armistice and the host of a dangerous alien parasite that bestows her with frightening abilities.

The crew of the Wayfaring Stranger must walk a razor’s edge–rescue their people, navigate enemy space, and most importantly, don’t get caught. If they’re discovered, the armistice will be broken and the war will start again. 

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