Guess who messed up???

Yup. Yours truly. I had originally planned to publish the 1st part of my novel in February. Then due to a number of things–COVID, knee issues, work, parent teacher conferences, swim meets, my own insurmountable laziness–that didn’t happen. I also fell off the blog bandwagon for a couple of months. 

Here’s the thing–a big part of why it took me this long to get back ON the bandwagon and back on a publishing plan is I was ashamed. To go out big and claim you’re going to do all these things only to let those deadlines whoosh past you while you sit on your butt playing Skyrim? That’s pretty embarrassing.

10 Skyrim Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words | ScreenRant
If only that were an exaggeration…

But then I remembered that the only failure is the failure to try again. I could slink off into nothingness and let this failure fester, OR I could try again, actually do it this time, and look back on this as a charming little bump in the road of life. 

So here we go, take 2–I am going to self-publish my science fiction novel as a series of novellas. The first entry– The Wayfaring Stranger: Worm should be available this weekend! Check back later because I will announce when the novella is officially live on Amazon.

It’s OK to screw up. It’s OK to fall off the face of the Earth for a while. Just come back at some point 🙂 

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