My Road Map

It’s less a map and more a crayon scribble on the back of a chain restaurant’s paper placemat. However, posting stuff like this helps keep me accountable, so here goes:


Haha, if only…


  • Post at least one longer blog post a week.
  • Post shorter, silly things a few times a week.
  • Write a piece of my novel every day.
  • Finish my rough draft before August 1st.

That’s it really. The big one is finishing the rough draft before August. I’ll be starting a new job, and I know I’ll have absolutely no time to do much of anything other than work for several months after that. Plus I’ve been so frustratingly close to finishing for so long, I really do just need to put my butt in my chair and get it done.

So that’s my plan! I’ll bring this list up again in a month or so to check my progress. If anyone has any tips on maintaining motivation over long periods of time, please let me know!

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